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How to become a full member of the site

I've received a few enquiries on how to gain full membership to the site, so I thought I'd write a post to clarify what that entails.

You'll need to register first, so you can get the ability to post messages. You'll be able to post in the public forum, and see some more examples of what's available in the private area in the registered users only preview forum. Please be aware that you have to register using a working email address, and please check your spam / junk folder if you don't receive your registration confirmation with 20 minutes or so, it may have ended up in there and you won't be able to complete your registration without it.

To gain membership you need to submit videos that you captured from Paltalk. Once you're a member, the Paltalk only rule is relaxed, but to initially gain access, it has to be from Paltalk.

As a registered member, you have six upload slots for videos, so impress us! You're much more likely to gain membership with good videos that impress us instead of a short video of a woman who sits around naked all day! 

Things that will impress us: 
  • Old school videos (before 2010). We love vintage caps, we have caps from Paltalk from the early 2000s, and some caps from other programs dating back to the mid 1990s! If you're a new capper don't let that put you off, though!
  • Videos of women who very rare show anything. If that hot woman who always wears six layers of clothing got drunk one night and flashed, and you got a cap of it, that'll really go a long way!
  • Videos that get to the action fast. If your 30 minute long video has boobs for five seconds at the 20 minute mark, edit it down to show us the boobs! If we have to slog though hours of footage to find a quick flash, you're not going to win friends here.
Things that will not impress us:
  • Capping only to gain membership, if you only post a couple of vids that you capped recently just so you can get in and see the thousands of videos we have, we will notice. And that won't get you very far.
  • Asking in PMs "who is on here? Is xxxx on here? Can you send me some samples?" This is at best annoying, and at worst will get you banned.
  • Threatening to 'tell the women on Paltalk that you cap them unless you give me membership'. Yeah, that'll work.
Please note, Camfrog caps cannot be used to gain membership any more.

Don't try to join by posting videos you've grabbed from other sites, we can spot these.

If you think you'd like to join, but don't have any videos, the information forum has a growing series of posts that will guide you on how to capture videos yourself.

To maintain your membership we expect you to keep contributing to the site: I don't mean you need to be posting a new video every day, or even few days, but do remain as an active member of the forum as that's more fun for everyone.

Of course, we do have rules that you are expected to follow, but they aren't too onerous.

If you have any questions, I'm more than happy to discuss more in a DM for registered users or using the contact us form.
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