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Rules for the forum

Here are the rules of this forum. These may change on a whim so make sure you read them all.

No minors

Absolutely no-one under the age of 18 is to be posted here. Anyone doing so will be banned permanently. In the same vein, no-one under 18 is allowed to use this site either. 

No personal information

Don't post any personal information you may know about someone who's been capped. So no real names, no saying where they live specifically (the 'US' or 'UK' is fine). This isn't a forum for stalkers or blackmailers. 

Similarly, don't give out any information that can identify you, especially don't use the same nickname here as you do on the cam sites.

No professional models

We don't want videos from professional models on MyFreeCams, Chaturbate and similar sites.The rule of thumb is simple, if you're expected to pay them, be it in tokens or cash, they're a professional.

Be excellent to each other

We're all friends here, act like it Smile
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